What are commercial mortgages then?

Commercial mortgages are loans taken out for business operations, and/or against commercial properties. Ideally commercial properties could produce stable income and service the loan.

There are many kinds of commercial mortgages:

Based on the loan purpose, there are mortgages for purchase/acquisition/construction, refinancing, transfer/switch, bridge financing, mezzanine financing, etc.

Based on type of collateral, there are mortgages for various commercial properties, such as farm land, raw or development land, apartment buildings, townhouse complexes, office buildings, retail shops, malls, warehouse and industry properties, hospitality and resort properties, retirement and long-term care properties, and so on.

Still, there are business loans for working capital. They could be lent against liquid assets or without collateral at all.

Furthermore, there are syndicated commercial mortgages, where more than one lender participates in.

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