Mortgages for Multi-family Properties

Commercial mortgages for apartment buildings, townhouses, mobile home parks, or retirement homes. No matter it's purchase, refinance, or bridge financing, U Wealth Financial can offer solutions to achieve your business goals:

  • LTV up to 80% (could be higher with CMHC insured);
  • Fixed or floarting mortgage rates;
  • Closed, open, or mixed mortgage terms;
  • Debt Service Ratio as low as 1.1.

Mortgages for Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels are different from multi-family buildings as there is no lease in place. U Wealth Financial are able to help with commercial mortgages for this type of properties:

  • Commercial mortgages for acquisition and refinancing of hotels, motels, bed & breakfast, whether branded or independently operated;
  • LTV up to 75% or higher with CMHC insured;
  • Fixed or floating mortgage rates;
  • Closed, open, or mixed mortgage terms;
  • Debt Service Ratio as low as 1.1

Construction Mortgages / Land Loans

Given the intensification trend in Greater Vancouver area, There are lots of in-fill constructions going on. How do you meet the challenge to tear down the old building and rebuilt? Construction mortgages can help.

Another related trend on Vancouver real estate market is rezoning, which resulted in re-development. When the value incremental has already been factored in market price, it's about time to consider commercial mortgages while you hold the sites.

Furthermore, U Wealth Financial offers consulting services related to construction and redevelopment projects, such as feasibility study and analysis, financial projections, which are essential for successful applications of commercial mortgages and construction mortgages


Mortgages for other income producing properties

Besides multi-family buildings, hospitality properties, there are other income producing properties that can be collateral for commercial mortgages, such as warehouses, commercial stratas, retail stores, restaurants, wineries, golf courses, and resorts. Lenders may prefer one type to another, but we can find solutions for you. Call us to know more!

Commercial Mortgages for Non-residents

Canada is ranked top for doing businesses and Vancouver is one of the best place for business in Canada. Foriegn businesses and investors are among our clients who seek commercial mortgage financing locally.  We know your language, We know your thinking. Please call and discuss!


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