Chinese Buffet in Salmon Arm

To many investors, it might be the right time to buy the dip now. But, to the financial institutions, it's still to early to call the market bottom for restaurant industry. While the market is warming up, Financing is still difficult. We were able to help our client to execute their investment and business plan.

Japanese Sushi in Burnaby

With the retreat of COVID-19 and reopening of economy, many restaurant owners are stepping up and planning for a rebound.

We are happy to help our client to refinance its Japanese Sushi restaurant based on its financial performance for the past 3 years.

Purpose Built Facility in Richmond

Successfully converted a construction mortgage to conventional mortgage before 100% completed and obtaining occupancy permit.

After 7 months of hard work and a pile of documentation as high as a workstation, This facility got funded with $7.45 million mortgage and the rate was almost cut in half.

Warehouse Strata in Port Coquitlam

Pandemic is bad to most businesses. But there are exceptions and logistics is one of them.

This client just started the logistics business right before the pandemic. With shorter than one year of operation history and other signs of failure, we got the purchase funded on time with satisfactory mortgage amount and rate.


Commercial Strata in Vancouver

Two friends partnered up to buy a commercial strata for their business location.

Individually they wouldn't qualify for a mortgage alone. However their qualifications complemented each other and made things work smoothly.

Warehouse Building in Vancouver

A huge, rare found warehouse in Vancouver hadn't been occupied for nearly two years since purchase.

Lenders don't like vacant buildings. However we got the client approved with LOC of $3 million. No lease required, no income verified during this pandemic. It's incredible!

Office Building in Vancouver

Commercial mortgages for a recent immigrant who has no job and income from Canada purchased this Office Building. We helped with financing of $3.8 million. The client was happy with the extremely low mortgage rate.

Warehouse in Richmond

An investor purchased this warehouse in Richmond. He was told elsewhere that he could only qualify for a mortgage amount of $600,000. However, we got him approved with $1.3 million. In addition, the mortgage rate was among the lowest in commercial mortgages at that time.

Industrial Building in Surrey

An industry property with long term lease. However, long term lease often means the actual rent is lower than market rent. We were able to stretch DSCR, a crucial indicator in commercial mortgages, as low as possible and got the client with a satisfied mortgage amount.