Our Mission

To help Canadian businesses and investors to acquire real estate and grow their business & fortune by providing commercial mortgage financing solutions to meet their needs and achieve their goals.


Our Values

Listen with brain and heart;

Act with honesty and integrity;

Care with passion and outcome.


Our Philosophy

We believe:

  • Real Estate is the vehicle to carry out your business and carry on your fortune;
  • Commercial mortgages are inevitable leverage to acquire real estate for your business and fortune;
  • A mission and value system embedded with care of your business and fortune is best to foster a client-centred work ethic and serve your commercial mortgage needs.

Message from Our President

Dear Prospective Clients:

When you are looking for commercial mortgages, either for your investments or business, U Wealth Fianncial is here to help.

I am Merryl, President of U Wealth Financial Ltd., which marks an advance of my professional career in the mortgage industry. Before founding  U Wealth Financial, I had been dedicated to the mortgage industry for 14 years, started in residential mortgages and now focus on commercial mortgages. Besides working for major banks, I ran a mortgage company licensed in both Alberta and British Columbia, especially Greater Vancouver. Mortgage is not just where my passion is, it has defined my life. Fortunately, with love and support from my past clients, I have handled billions of dollars of mortgage transactions, which makes me well prepared to mentor my team and serve you with favorable mortgage rates and terms. I look forward to meeting you and the pleasure is mine!


Merryl Du

Founder & President

Next Steps...

Start with a phone call to 604-946-6977, talk to us about your mortgage needs and goals. In return, we give you expert mortgage advice and sensible options for mortgage rates and terms, then we work hard to get your mortgage approved and funded.