Working Capital Loan Program

We all know it is an unprecedented challenging time for you and your business, as the Covid-19 outbreaks. To help you and your business navigate through this pandemic, we would like to introduce you Working Capital Loan program:

Easy to Apply:

  1. No collateral required;
  2. Don't look at your net income;
  3. simply fill the application form and provide Personal Financial Statement, in addition to corporate financial statements for the past 3 years

Flexible Repayment:

  1. Max. loan amount up to $2 MM;
  2. Up to 6 years to repay the loan;
  3. Interest only for the first 12 months;
  4. Interest plus 40% of the principal amortized in the next 24 months;
  5. Ballon payment up to 60% of the principal at maturity


Some Requirements:

  1. Need to be in operation for more than 3 years;
  2. Higher interest rate than loans with collaterals;
  3. Need plan for use of funds;
  4. Need business outlook for the next 6-12 months

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