Mortgages for Multi-family Properties

Commercial mortgages for apartment buildings, townhouses, and retirement homes. No matter you are purchaseing, renovating, or refinancing any multi-family properties, U Wealth Financial can offer you commercial mortgage solutions.

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Mortgages for Hotels and Motels

Hotels and motels are different from multi-family buildings as there is no lease in place. U Wealth Financial are able to help with commercial mortgages for this type of properties.

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Construction Mortgages/Land Loans

For real estate investors and developers, commercial mortgages/land loans, and construction mortgages is key to enhance your ROI.

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Why US?

U Wealth Financial is the commercial mortgage expert in Greater Vancouver Area, BC, Canada.

People outside the mortgage industry often don't know where to find commercial mortgages suitable to their businesses and investments, or don't have the know-how to negotiate best deal for themselves. That's why they need mortgage professionals at U Wealth Financial to deal with lenders on their behalf and for their benefits, not just best mortgage rates but also other terms and conditions.

Not all mortgages are the same, mortgages could have to be customized. Furthermore, not all applicants are the same, they need to be well presented to lenders. With expertise in mortgages and insights in the industry, U Wealth Financial navigates the intricacies of all kinds of commercial mortgages, either based on their businesses or commercial properties, such as land loans and construction mortgages for developers, purchase or refinance for business owners, and commercial property operators of multi-family buildings, office buildings, retail malls, hospitality, and retirement care.

We are always here for your commercial mortgage needs, simple or complicated.

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Start with a phone call to 604-803-9955, talk to us about your mortgage needs and goals. In return, we give you expert mortgage advice and sensible options for mortgage rates and terms, then we work hard to get your mortgage approved and funded